Why Saud Schools:

1. Relationships and a personal approach
Our students are valued for who they are and what they bring to our school community, teachers make it their mission to get to know the whole child, personally, socially and academically; we provide an environment that enables students to thrive.

2. Evidence-based learning programs
Our students know about their learning. Our staff uses multiple data sources to target learning at the point of need. Students know where they are going, how they are going and where to next in their learning. Students know how to be successful learners. We welcome mistakes and celebrate success.

3. Innovation
Our staff is continually working to improve and enhance pedagogical practice. Professional learning and development opportunities ensure our staff is provided with the knowledge and skills to address the needs of students and ensure learning success.

4. Diverse and rich community
We are blessed to have students from across the globe representing multiple nations, allowing us the opportunity to embrace diversity and promote equality. We cater for all student needs and celebrate diversity as it enriches the learning for all in our school community.

5. Rich history, vibrant future
Our history is built upon the strong foundations of quality education of the past which embraces faith, community and service. Our future seeks to mould globally aware and responsible citizens who value the dignity of each person.

6. Opportunities for more
Our school provides a range of extra-curricular opportunities. Football competitions, Karate, Volleyball, table tennis, music lessons, art and many more we have to offer.

7. Location
Our school is set in the heart of the city. Our safe and secure location ensures a sense of community and ease of access for our families. Our gated community supports our work in Child Safety.