About SIS



  Welcome to Saud International School






  Saud   International   School,   established  in  1998,  is  an  American  and  British Curriculum School 

  that  places  high  value on the individual, an ethos underpinned by our belief that our school provides

  an  ideal  atmosphere  for nurturing  the talentsand needs of young students.


  Vision Statement

  The  vision of  Saud  International  School is to create a supportive environment enabling us to equip

  our  students   with  skillsand   abilities   which  will  allow  them to  develop  intellectually,   physically,

  socially,  emotionally  and morally as  they become  successful and productive lifelong learners in the

  21st Century.


  Mission Statement

  The  mission of  Saud  International  School is to provide a challenging educational environment that

  meets   the   needs   of    the    diverse   community   by   offering  a   worldwide   known   curriculum

  implemented     with    state    of    the   art    technology    alongwith    extra  -    curricular    activities.