Health and Safety



Students  are  not to be  left unattended or  unsupervised at any time.  Teachers are responsible

to  monitor  the  amount  of   time  a   student  is  out  of  the class when allowed to use the toilet

for  their personal  needs.  In  case of  accident or illness,the  student  must  be sent to the office

accompanied  by  the  teacher or  the  assistant,  and  not  alone.  In the event of an emergency,

the teacher is required to report the incident immediately and request for assistance at the office.



In case of an illness, children are to be sent to the office where it will be determined if theyneed

to be isolated in the School Clinic until parents arrive to pick them up. 



A   camera  for  electronic  surveillance  and  a  continuous  switching  monitor is installed. This

systemis  monitored  at  all  times by administration personnel.  Two Security Guards patrol the

campus.  An electronic  alarm system is also installed throughout the building with the required

pull  stations.  The  alarm  system  is  connected  to  the  electric  smoke  detectors.  There  are

emergency  lights and  fire  extinguishers located in all required areas, as per Fire  Department



Fire Drill Procedures

Each  term  training  and  evaluation on Fire Drill activities are conducted. Exit plans are posted

on all classroom doors.  All  teachers  are  responsible  for  practicing this exit route.  A trial drill

will be done at the beginning of each term.



Is completely prohibited to all teachers and staff.


Building Safety

Saud  International   School's  ( SIS )  buildings   are   divided  into  three  sections : Elememtry,

Middle  Upper  School  Building.  During  the  first  Day  of  school,  students   are given specific

instructions  as  to  which  areas  are  " off- limits " to  them by the faculty members.  Elementry,

Middle, and  Upper School  students have a separate playground areas, and after-school areas. 






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Health and Safety

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