IGCSE Grading



IGCSE Grading     



Successful IGCSE candidates will be placed in one of eight categories: A*, A, B, C,

D, E, F or G. Grade  A is  awarded to those candidates showing highest ability in a

subject, and  Grade  G  for  a  minimum satisfactory performance. Candidates who

perform  outstandingly  well  in  a  subject  are  awarded  a  "stared  A"  Grade (A*).

Performances  below  the standard  G  are  ungraded  and  not  recorded in on the

certificates.  Grades  awarded  in  subjects  are  based  on  the   total of the marks

gained  in  the  papers, unless additional requirements are specified in the subject

syllabus. To  qualify for a  grade, candidates must sit all the papers which they are

required  to  offer  by  the  syllabus.  Those  who do not sit a paper but for whom a

special consideration form is submitted, will be considered for the award of a grade. 

In subjects where two levels of assessment are offered, candidates must state the

level at which they wish to enter: either Core Level or Extended Level. The grades

available  at  Core  Level  are  C  to  G, and at Extended Level they are A* to E, or

A* to G, depending on the syllabus.