Admission Policy






     All applicants must adhere and observe the Mission, Vision, Policies and Procedures of Saud International School

     All  Applicants    must     meet  the    requirements    set    forth   by  the  Ministry  of  Education  of   Saudi   Arabia

     New   Applications  for   admission   shall   be   processed   after   the   deadline   date  for  the re  -  enrollment  of

     our current students as indicated in the calendar of the school.

     Sitting for  the Entrance  Exams  does not  mean  that  the  student  has  been  accepted. The  following is needed  

     in order to be accepted:

                     a.  Students should pass the Entrance Exams offered by SIS.

                     b.  Students  should  bring  previous  report  cards and letters of recommendation as proof of good

  conduct from the previous school.

                      c. Students  will  be accepted  depending on the  availability of   spaces  in the  designated  classes.

                           If  space is not available, then  the  student will be put on the Waiting List with the policy of “First  

                                 come, first serve”.

                      d.  Parents   should    ensure   that  all   the  necessary   documents   are   submitted   and  they  should

   pay all   the necessary  fees  and  deposits  required  by the school in order for  the student to be

   fully accepted. 


 Applicants  who  have   siblings   studying  in  SIS  shall  be  given  preference  on the   Waiting  List, as  long

 as they meet the admission requirements.


Applicants   requesting    admission   for   Grades  10   and   11  have  to   sit   for   the  Entrance   Exams,  as 

long as they have  fulfilled  all  the necessary  prerequisites of  that grade. As for grade 12 students, they have

to   submit documentations that prove they have completed their AS in their previous school. 


Saud    International    School   reserves   the   right  to  put  the  student in the section of the designated class

as it deems appropriate.

Applicants for Pre-School must be toilet-trained prior to joining the school.

Saud   International   School   respects   the  subject   choice  of   grade  10 - 12  students;  however,  these

choices  depend on the subject availability and the number of students in that class/subject. 

Students whose  parents  hold  a visitor’s  visa won’t  be admitted at SIS as per Ministry of Education Regulation.