Admission Guidelines



Grade Placement and Age Criteria


The following shows the correspondence of the students’ age group to the grades:




 For   example,   a  student   should   turn   9  years  old  before  1st   September,  in   order  to  be

 admitted   into   Grade   Four.   However,  the  School   Administration   will    consider  placement

 for  children  who   attain  the  appropriate   age   after  1st  September   and  before. 1st  January,

 subject  to  a  special  assessment.  The   School   Administration  reserves  the right  to make the

 fina l decision  regarding  this  matter.  All  students   enrolling  in  SIS  in  Grades  9,  10,  11  and

 12  for  this  academic   year  will  sit  for  the  IGCSE  examinations  in  Grade  10,  the  A/S  level

 in Grade 11 and the A2 Level in Grade 12.


 Application and Waiting List


 After  completing  the  admission  process,  a  student  may  be  offered  a  place  in  the  school for

 immediate  start  or  to  star t in  the  new  academic  year. Should  a  grade level be full, the parent

 is   welcome   to   request   the   entry   of  the  child’s   name   onto  the  school’s   waiting  list. The

 registrar manages  the waiting  list and  offers  placements to students according to available grade

 placements. Siblings are given preference provided all the admission criteria are met.


 Transfer Students


 Students   may   come   from   schools   that  apply   different   assessment,   reporting   and  grade

 placement  systems  than SIS.  It  is  therefore  imperative  that  all  records  from  previous schools

 be  reviewed,  along  with  the  SIS entry assessments in  order to place students in the appropriate

 grades.   The Academic and College Counselor, Administrative  Manager and/or Executive Director

 will make this assessment.


 Payment of Fees


Tuition  fees   must  be  paid  according  to  admission  policy  requirements   before  students start

school.  Inquiries  about this  may be made to the reception staff, or through the  school accountant.

Methods of payments (for new students) are as follows:

Bank Transfer