Saud International School operates in accordance with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.

At  the beginning  of the  Academic Year 1998-1999, we  introduced the Curriculum Framework

of  Western  Australia,  which  is endorsed the  Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education. In meeting

the  educational  needs  of  our  multi - cultural  student  body,  Saud  International  School  has

implemented  a  curriculum  that  has  both  North  American and  British/Australian foundations.

The  success of the  programme is  measured by the ease in which our students integrate back

into their  educational  environments  in  their  home  countries, as  well  as  post baccalaureate

educations in the Middle East, Europe and America.


The  School  Management  is  committed  to  a  curriculum  that  meets  the   highest  academic

standards.  Grades  1 -  5  follow an American  curriculum.  However, the curriculum for Grades

6 – 8  is  aligned  with  the  national  curriculum  of  the  United  Kingdom,  in preparation for the

IGCSE’s in Grades 9 and 10, and AS and A2 levels in Grades 11 and 12. 


The  IGCSE’s  and  AS  and  A2  Levels  are  international  examinations  that are administered

by  the  University  of Cambridge  and  the  Edexcel  International Board, under the guidance of

the British Council.  They  are widely  recognised  for  student  placement in universities around

the world.


S.I.S is staffed by an  expatriate  management  team and teachers who have had a wide variety

of teaching experience.




Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia